Western Washington University

Currently, an undergrad at Western, majoring in Cultural Anthropology with my fingers in quite a few different pies.

College has been a crazy ride for me, as I imagine it is for most kids lucky (or unlucky) enough to be considered millennials. But I finally settled on a major, not before considering Tech Theatre, Linguistics, and Psychology. My poor transcript is all over the place. I wouldn’t trade it out for a more cohesive one though.

The roller coaster that is my college life has given me all kinds of perspective and challenges. I’m proud to say I have skills ranging from stage management, sound and light design, applied qualitative research, interpersonal communication skills, among other things. In other words, I can set up a mean sound system and am an excellent people watcher.

Currently, I’m using these skills to dabble in medical anthropology with Professor Bruna and taking a critical look at sex workers in China with Professor Yu. Both professors have helped fuel my curiosity for mental illness in the field of anthropology. Being on the cusp of Junior/Senior status I’m considering an MA program that would allow me to take a closer look at anthropologists with depression and how they function in the field.

Till then, you can find me drenched on Western campus petting every dog I can.