Participant Observation: Edmonds

Over the past few weeks, my group and I managed to head to Edmonds for a total of about 5-6hrs (not including drive time). Here, I’ll display our combined observational findings from Yost Park and 5 Corners.

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Edmonds Survey and Results

After a few weeks of posting a link to an online survey that my group put together, we finally have some hard data! In this post, you’ll find our survey questions, results, and final thoughts on what our data revealed.

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Edmonds Proposal: Yost Park and 5 Corners

Working with the city of Edmonds, Western Washington University has partnered together to conduct research on the “walkability” of nine specific nodes. These nodes include: Five Corners, Yost Park, Chase Lake Elementary,Westgate Elementary, Edmonds High School, Swedish Hospital, Westgate Village, Community Transit Swift Stop, and the future Light Rail. This paper focuses on the research conducted at Five Corners and Yost park. The overall goal in mind when conducting this research is the idea of health and wellness in terms of how “walkable” these two nodes are; with emphasis on those visually, or otherwise impaired. Our literature reflects these values in the context of parks and roundabouts. Given Westerns’ timeline, research will only be conducted and finalised in a few months. Students involved in the project will use ethical methodologies such as semi-structured interviews, an online survey, visual analysis and participatory observation. The end result will have conclusions about how the community feels about the two nodes, with potential ideas for improvement.

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Participatory Observation at Yost Park

I count myself lucky that I am able to take university classes that put me in the ‘real world’. From my own experience, undergrad has been a lot about the background of any given field of study. Rarely do BA/BS classes create classes that involve connecting with your chosen field; luckily I think this perspective on learning and teaching is shifting. Even if it’s dreadfully slow.

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