Miss. Melanie Hunt

I have a lot of dirty boots.

Let’s start with the obvious.

I’m a WWU undergrad, majoring in Cultural Anth, special interests include mental illness (specifically depression), women’s¬†rights, community connection, cyborg anth, and global communications.¬†Given the time and opportunity, I like to ride my dirt bike in the deserts of California and hike Yosemite.

Now on to the not so obvious.

I have a habit of taking home strays, I prefer pie over cake, and needles scare me.

I have a lot of passion for travel. At 15 I traveled the mainland of Japan, from Osaka to Tokyo for about 2 weeks. Managed to sail into Mexican waters, but never stepped foot on land; might have to fix that as my graduation destination. My future travel plans include S. Korea, where I hope to teach English for a few years before pursuing an MA. Far off in the distant future, I hope to buy a bungalow in Spain for my mothers’ retirement and to house my eventual menagerie of animals.

Till then, I’ll be dreaming of sunshine and tapas.